A casual day in paradise | Outfits

These photos were taken last Sunday in the nearest forest, which is exactly how I imagine paradise to be. We always mean to take more photos there, but we always fail to do it. I try to pass by this place at least once a year, during autumn, when the leaves are down on the ground, and the picture is even more beautiful than usual. That day I dressed in a really casual way, as we went to the mall after taking these photos to check out the “mid-season” sales that started on Nov. 1st. Stores in Greece are almost never open on Sundays so we had to go at least once. We didn’t buy anything but we went to Cinnabon, to try mouth-watering cinnamon rolls. Looking back at these photos, I can think of two things: one) I want to go there again really soon, for more photos, and two) a backpack would really compliment this outfit, but they’re absolutely not my style, so there’s no reason to buy one just to wear it only a couple of times. What do you think about this look and these photos?

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Fall layering | Outfits

This is one of my favorite outfits that I’ve worn lately. It was worn (and photographed) a day that the weather was just perfect. Not cold, but only warm enough to enable me to wear light layers and peep toe shoes. When I saw the weather (after some really cold days we had) I said to T. that we HAD TO drop everything and go out to take some photos and enjoy the last rays of sunshine. And that’s exactly what he did, even though he was super busy. Thank you babe! However, I think the pictures don’t do this outfit justice, because, you have to believe me, it was way better in real life. It was one of these outfits that was created instantly in my mind just before we went out for these photos. Don’t you just love those?

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Wishlist | September 2013

September is here, and even though I’m not ready for fall yet, the temperatures have already gone down a bit. Hoping that doesn’t ruin my upcoming vacation! Fall has its perks though! Lower temperatures make it easier to wake up and get dressed in general, and you can still wear your summer clothes with some fall pieces added to them. For this month’s wishlist I picked: A River Island textured striped pencil skirt, an Asos Waterfall cardigan (perfect for chiller days), an Asos Classic trench (Fall essential), an Asos Jumpsuit with strappy back (my favorite of all!), a shape up pencil skirt in charcoal, and a pair of low cut booties in Chili Red. Have you prepared your wishlist yet? Which item is your favorite?

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My month in pics – November 2012

November wasn’t a very exciting month as far as my posts go, but it included some of my favorite outfits we have photographed for this blog. Both I and T. did our best to show you nicely photographed and interesting outfits, in good lighting, which was the hardest of all. But I think we succeeded. These are the outfits of the month! Click on their names to be directed to the original posts.

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Trend: Oxblood

Hello dear readers! For today’s post I thought I’d share with you one of the fall trends that I really like: Oxblood. Last year it was burgundy, this year it’s oxblood. The colors are really similar if not the same. In my country we call it bordeaux.

Having lent my DSLR to my brother for some days, and not having anything else to post about, I thought it was time to share with you my latest color addiction by doing a collage with some items I liked in this beautiful fall color.

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