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We took these photos last week, just before the sun went down, so we didn’t have much time on our hands. We found the right spot, on a road which we thought wasn’t that busy (turns out, it was!), and we tried to shoot these photos, whenever we had the chance to do so, in between passing cars. It wasn’t easy, but we managed to do it, and we had so much fun. Don’t worry, we were safe, since we could see the cars coming from afar and they could clearly see us too. We couldn’t relocate, because we didn’t want to lose the last light, so we had to do it this way! The outfit was nothing special. Just a really casual look, with my trusty culottes, and my favorite summer flats of 2019, but we shot it. Hope you like it! 馃檪

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Perforated dress | Outfits

perforated dress 5- outfit -

This dress is so simple that you can wear it everyday in the house, or go to the beach wearing it, but I loved its perforated details so much from the moment I got it, that I thought it would be a waste to just wear it at these occasions. So I belted it, and combined it with red accessories to make it more formal, and I think it totally worked, wouldn’t you say? I think every clothing item can be made more or less formal with the addition of the right accessories. For example, you can wear a pretty midi dress like this with sneakers to dress it down, or you can wear it with heels to dress it up. You can even wear sweat pants with heels, and a nice crop top maybe. It’s your choice. If you like it like this and you pull it off, no one will say they don’t work together. And if they say that, just ignore them and wear what YOU love! I always do! I’ve always been known to be a bit-overdressed in most cases. On the other hand, I think that everyone else is just under-dressing for everything these days. But as long as they don’t dictate what I wear, I don’t do that for them either. It’s your personal style and you can dress how you want to. Even if people judge or stare, just ignore them, and go on with what you do! 馃槈 That’s all for today from me! Enjoy your weekend and see you again on Tuesday! 馃檪

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