Mini skirts & over the knee boots | Outfits

Mini skirts & over the knee boots 8- outfit -

I may look sad or angry in most of these photos but I really wasn’t. The thing is, I had a terrible headache which was made worse by the bright sun, and I kind of got tired of trying to find a good spot to photograph this look, because wherever we went, the light was just not right. But we managed to take at least a few good photos of this look, so I can show it to you here today. As I said, it was a really sunny day, but don’t let the sun fool you, it was cold, and quite windy, and that’s why in most of the photos I have my hair all over my face. I actually straightened it before the shoot, but the wind decided it shouldn’t stay nice and ruined it. Oh well! I thought about this outfit when I saw this heart-printed shirt in my closet, and I got inspired by it, to try it with a mini skirt (one I’ve worn only once or twice), and my over the knee boots. See, I don’t own a lot of mini skirts, because they don’t look that good on me, but I really liked this combination, and I think that the outfit looks quite good and decent. haha I topped it off with my cropped jacket because it was still too cold to go outside with just a light shirt. Hope you like this look.

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Fishnets, sandals & culottes | Outfits

Fishnets, sandals & culottes 8- outfit -

Fishnet tights are having a major comeback as you may very well know. And when you combine your fishnets with sandals then you have one of the biggest trends of the season. I’ve been meaning to try it out myself for so long, but the cold wouldn’t let me go out in just sandals and tights. But now that the weather has been very mild, I jumped at the opportunity to try it myself. I wore a very simple total black outfit with culottes that day, and topped it with my now favorite gray leather jacket, that is perfect for this weather, and I can honestly say that I loved this look. So if you love it too, bring out your fishnet tights and sandals and try it out yourself. Keep your accessories minimal, and let your sandals and tights make all the statements you need! 😉

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Spring is on its way | Outfits

spring is on its way 5- outfit -

These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago, on a really sunny and warm day in February. They actually are the last outfit photos I have for now, since we didn’t have the chance to photograph any looks in weeks, but hopefully we’ll do so, very soon. It was a few days after I got my new sales items, and it was such an amazing day that even if we hadn’t scheduled any photoshoots that day, I called T. and arranged it right there and then. It would have been stupid of us to miss on such a good day, so we went for a photoshoot and a coffee & dessert after that. It was so warm, that I felt hot even with this short-sleeved shirt and my jeans; imagine that! I also got the chance to wear my new ballerina flats. They don’t look great on me, but they do are comfortable so that’s good enough I guess. The blazer makes the look more “formal” and serious, but it was the only one I had in similar colors and I didn’t have much time for a better choice so I went with that. I wasn’t wearing it most of the time, anyway. Do you like my look?

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The casual side of me | Outfits

The casual side of me 4- outfit -

Hello everybody! How was your weekend? I hope you’re used to my new posting schedule till now. It’s already been 3 months since I decided to start posting 2 times a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) instead of 3, so I can manage 2 sites, and a Youtube channel, and still have a personal life. haha We took these photos a couple of weeks ago, when we went for some sales shopping on a very sunny and warm day of February. I decided to dress as casual as possible to be able to do a lot of walking so I wore sneakers. Can you believe it? haha My jacket was not needed until the sun set, because the day was way too hot for that, and I couldn’t be happier even if I wanted to. I managed to do everything I wanted that day, and got to spend the whole day with my bf so it was a double win for me. I hope you like this super casual look of mine. You always say you like to see those too from me. So I’ll be waiting for  your comments. Don’t be shy!

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Casual parka style | Outfits

Casual parka style 8- outfit -

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? We had a 3-day one here in Greece so we surely enjoyed our time-off. Apart from the weekend, we had a really sunny and spring-like week, and that was really the best part for me. However, we had these photos shot the week before that, when it was still freezing cold, so the parka and the thick layers were needed. I couldn’t resist the chance to show my new parka jacket again, because I truly love it. It’s warm and comfortable and I can’t believe I didn’t own one before. Today’s look is super casual, and so are the next ones that are going to follow, but I know you like those so I hope you enjoy the photos. See you again on Thursday!

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