Too cool for school Pumpkin purifying 24k mask review

I’ve been trying this Pumpkin purifying 24k mask by Too Cool For School since the day I got it. It’s a peel-off mask, that smells and feels amazing when applying it, and it’s supposed to give you sooth, toned & radiant skin. It’s indeed gold in color, and it looks like liquid gold when applied to your skin. You need to wait 20-30 minutes for it dry completely so you can easily peel it off. I find the whole process quite pleasing, and it does not hurt or irritates your skin. It does remove the dead skin cells, and leaves your skin smoother, but that’s all it has done for me and my skin. I didn’t notice my skin looking more radiant, or more “contoured” after using it, as it stated on the package. I really liked it, but I don’t see myself buying more of it in the future.

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