Valentine red | Outfits

Valentine red 3- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comHello lovebirds! Since it’s Valentine’s Day this Friday, I thought I’d start this week, with a bit of inspiration for that day for those of you who will be celebrating. Last year, I stayed away from red and went with something completely different for Valentine’s Day, but this year, I’m thinking of “surrendering” to the clichés by adding some red details to my outfit of the day. It’s actually the exact outfit I wore on New Year’s Eve (but didn’t have the chance to photograph for obvious reasons), except for the tights (I went with black tights on NYE). So this time, I went big on red, and photographed this look for you. I’ll probably wear something different on V-Day, even though I don’t have any specific plans at the moment, but I already know that I’m adding some red on my outfit. Will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? Do you have any plans?

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