Shoes Addiction!

Shoes have been my passion for as long as I remember. Creating a walk-in closet, full of shoes is a dream that I hope one day will come true. I particularly love high heels, as I feel they are sexier than everyday heels. So, the higher the heel, the better the shoe.

For years, every girl have been coveting those Christian Louboutin red-sole high heeled shoes, and dreamed about the day she will be able to own, one of these. Christian Louboutin made all women in the world, see shoes in a whole new way. And then, came Brian Atwood with his gorgeous shoes, and made us want to sell everything we own in order to buy all the shoes in his collection. I have no words, for those shoes. They are simply amazing. I’ve never wanted to buy so many shoes, from one and only collection and in every possible colour before. So I guess, in my “shoes wish list”, there’s a new name next to Christian Louboutin and YSL, Mr. Brian Atwood!

But, you must see for yourself! So, I made collages of some amazing shoes, I’ve been dreaming about for a while now. It’s a combination of all the shoes that I want to have in my closet someday, in the near future. Tell me what you think!

Shoes Part 1

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