A hint of red | Outfits

This is probably the last wintery outfit post. As we’re moving towards spring, and lighter clothes, I’ll start transitioning to more weather-appropriate outfits. I wore this one, one month ago, on Valentine’s Day, when we went brunching with my boyfriend. The weather was amazing, so I didn’t even need to wear that many layers, but I’m always careful when it comes to early spring. This is one of the warmest dresses I have in my wardrobe, and I actually have it in two colors, and I love them both. I combined the dress with my pair of over-the-knee boots, and I added the red belt for a pop of color, to match the “mood of the day” (Valentine’s Day and all). Not pictured is my burgundy coat, which I wear all the time lately. We took these photos as we were waiting for our brunch to be served, at the restaurant. I had an omelette, and an iced coffee, for the first time this year. Hope you like it! See you soon with new outfit posts.

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Over the knee boots yet again | Outfits

Over the knee boots yet again 5- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.com

I was going to publish this post earlier today, but I got delayed by so many things that I really couldn’t. But it’s up now, and I can finally show you my casual outfit of the day. Wool dress, over the knee boots, no sunglasses, and me looking sour and blinded in almost every pic. Haha I should have worn the sunglasses! They’re right there on my head! As I predicted every other photo of me is with my eyes closed, but oh well, I wanted to not be wearing my sunglasses in my outfit pics for a change. That day we met with friends at the mall to go shopping, eat lunch and drink coffee while catching up on our latest news. It was a full but good day, and the first one after the vlogmas videos I had the chance to stay up late and not need to get back home to edit another video. Hehe Hope you like the look!

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Chokers & culottes | Outfits

Chokers & culottes 7- Outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.com

We took these outfit photos a few days ago; you can see some of the process in this Vlogmas video. I really loved this outfit in real life, though I noticed that it didn’t look as good in the photos we took of it. But that’s okay. Hopefully you can get an idea from them. I love how my red sweater looks with my culottes and I’m definitely going to try this combo with more colored sweaters from my collection. It can be worn from day to night; from work to go out for drinks after it. The choker makes it more casual and interesting and the velvet boots more fashionable. What do you think?

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Snow, my old friend | Outfits

Snow, my old friend 5- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.com

As you can imagine, these photos are from the same period as those on the previous post. This time we drove even higher in the mountains in Thessaloniki, to find more snow. We used to have so much snow in winter in Greece when I was a child but we don’t have it as often these past few years. So you can guess that I was as happy as a child when I saw the snow and was able to finally take some snowy photos. It was quite cold, but that didn’t stop me. I jumped around, and we even had a snow fight when we finished with the shooting. We even tried to build a snowman, but that was a colossal fail! haha Hope you like these photos! Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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Black and white in the snow | Outfits

Black and white in the snow 7- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.com

We took these photos last week, when it snowed for the first time this season in my city, Thessaloniki. It was really cold outside, but I wouldn’t miss the chance to take photos in a snowy background again. Hehe So you may not see much snow in these photos but wait till you see the next outfit post! 🙂 Of course I had to wear white to match the snow. I really liked the outfit of the day, and it kept me warm enough in all its layers to be able to take off my coat for these photos. Let me know what you think, by leaving a comment below!

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