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This is probably the last wintery outfit post. As we’re moving towards spring, and lighter clothes, I’ll start transitioning to more weather-appropriate outfits. I wore this one, one month ago, on Valentine’s Day, when we went brunching with my boyfriend. The weather was amazing, so I didn’t even need to wear that many layers, but I’m always careful when it comes to early spring. This is one of the warmest dresses I have in my wardrobe, and I actually have it in two colors, and I love them both. I combined the dress with my pair of over-the-knee boots, and I added the red belt for a pop of color, to match the “mood of the day” (Valentine’s Day and all). Not pictured is my burgundy coat, which I wear all the time lately. We took these photos as we were waiting for our brunch to be served, at the restaurant. I had an omelette, and an iced coffee, for the first time this year. Hope you like it! See you soon with new outfit posts.

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Two dresses | Outfits

You probably can’t really tell, but I’m actually wearing two dresses, one on top of the other in these photos. The white one on top, is kiiinda short, and I needed those extra centimeters of fabric, plus the black one I’m wearing under the white one, has a beautiful necklace attached to it, which made my white dress look way more interesting. I matched the dress with the a very similar blazer I have in my collection with leather-like sleeves, and I really liked the result. It’s been snowing all day today, and I really love watching the snow fall, but I do love sunny days like that one, more than anything. It’s difficult to photograph white clothes in such a bright light, but it was worth it. And in the end, I did like the result. Do you like this look?

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The burgundy coat | Outfits

You know how much I love burgundy in winter, and you might have also noticed that I’m slowly trying to expand my outerwear collection for the past few years. So a few weeks ago, I started searching for a new coat, and I found this beautiful burgundy one at Spartoo.gr. It’s from Benetton, and I bought it at 20% off. I got mine at size FR38 (IT42). I was going to size up, to be able to wear thick sweaters under it, but the site said to size down, so I got the 38. I love its color and fit, but it is way thinner than I had anticipated. It is really beautiful though, and I think it looks good on me, so I’d definitely be keeping it. Even though it’s more on the violet side of burgundy, I paired it with my burgundy bag and sweater, and my favorite over-the-knee velvet boots. I loved the look, and I’m glad we were able to photograph it that day, because a lot has happened in my life since then, and that’s why I had to take a week off blogging. I’m back now though, and I’d be posting regularly from now on. Hope you like this look!

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Mustard & burgundy | Outfits

Hiii! Long time no see! I had to take a break from posting unfortunately, because I was really swamped with Vlogmas, and the move back from Athens. This is the first look we shot back in Athens (because I’m now back in Thessaloniki, since Saturday), and I really liked how it turned out. I love combining my new mustard sweater with red or burgundy. It looks a bit like ketchup and mustard, and these two look great together, don’t you think? haha We shot these pics at Stavros Niarchos Foundation when we went one day, and I really love the contrast with the all grey background. I wore my new Zara jeans for the first time, and combined them with my burgundy ankle boots, and my velvet bag, which goes wherever I go this winter. I also changed my hair, in case you didn’t notice. It is a bit faded in the photos, and looks more red than violet, but it is the color I had at the ends of my hair for the last couple of months. Hopefully it will look more violet than red next time. Do you like my look?

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Casual in black & grey | Outfits

I just love grey in fall/winter, and black is such a classic and an all-time-favorite color. So a combination of these two basic colors is one I really enjoy. For a casual stroll with my boyfriend to do some light shopping, I paired my striped knit dress with my checkered grey waterfall cardigan, and my new silver backpack and biker boots. I really loved this look, even though it was really simple and casual. The day was amazing and really warm so that definitely helped too.

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