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Brunching & shopping 5- outfit -

Last week, I took T. for some late breakfast, and some sales shopping. It was such a warm day, that I didn’t even need a coat for these photos. I actually felt too hot with the sun shining directly at my face. And now that I’m writing these lines, it’s snowing outside. How weird! Anyway… As you can see I love pairing up my new Migato booties with just about anything, and they’re so comfortable that I didn’t hesitated wearing them to go shopping. The rest of the outfit was kept pretty simple and the wool dress allowed me to eat as much as I wanted (which was a lot!). 2 breakfasts and 2 coffees later (I’m drinking the 2nd one here), I was bloated AF but excited to finally check out the sales. I haven’t forgotten about the haul. It’s coming as soon as possible. I had a delay with my online shopping deliveries, but hopefully I’ll soon have the things I ordered in my hands…. Have a nice week my loves! ♥

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