Different place, different price

A few days ago, while researching for a post I did, I noticed the difference between the price of a product on an online shop in Europe, and the price of the same product on the same online shop in the US. And this difference is very obvious, putting European consumers at a disadvantage compared to those living in the US.

Given the facts that the currency today is: 1.00 USD = (approximately) 0.704 EUR (Source), a pair of shoes that costs 640$ in the US, should cost (app.) 450.60€ in Europe. Of course, no one sells something at exactly the same price that should have cost if we had bought it in the US, which is reasonable enough. Maybe, the seller would raise that price to cost 50-100€ more than in the US, leaving the price somewhere between 500 and 550€. Well, think again!

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