CND Vinylux Rhythm & Heat collection review

CND Vinylux Rhythm & Heat collection reviewI have reviewed this collection in one of my videos, but I realized, that I haven’t done it on my blog where I also write in English. So let’s review the new Rhythm & Heat collection of CND. I received these nail polishes some time ago, and I tried them on in the next couple of weeks. Starting from left to right, the coral one is #244 Mambo Beat, and it’s the best one among the 3. You only need one coat to have a nice non-sheer color, but you have the perfect coverage with 2 layers. #245, Sugarcane is the next best one. However, you definitely need 2 coats of this for a full coverage, and non-sheer result. Finally, with #249 Shells in the Sand you definitely need 3 coats of nail polish to have the desirable result but the color does look perfect in the end. CND’s Vinylux top coat is a classic you must own. It makes your manicure last longer, makes your nails shinier, and helps your nail polish dry faster. Have you tried any of these? What’s your opinion?

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Keukenhof look of the day | Outfits

Keukenhof outfit 6-

As promised, here’s the full look I was wearing on our visit to Keukenhof gardens. The original plan was to wear my grey midi dress with bare legs, and white sneakers, but the weather failed me so I had to layer up so as not to get a cold. When we arrived at Keukenhof, the weather was grey and cold, but around midday it turned sunny and warm. However I was happy to have chosen a less stylish, yet warmer option, cause when the sun set it was back to super cold weather. In my eyes, I looked super weird in this long dress, with jeans underneath and biker boots, but I had to layer with what I had. At least I got to open my jacket and remove my beanie and scarf after a while. The experience was magical, and I got to take some outfit photos even if I wasn’t so fond of this outfit. It is what I wore after all, and you’ll get nothing less from me. I don’t dress just for outfit posts, you know that. I photograph what I wear in real life, from casual looks and boots, to more formal looks with heels. Enjoy the photos and if you haven’t already, make sure to visit my previous posts as well, to see more photos of my trip to the Netherlands.

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Keukenhof gardens – The Netherlands | Travel

Keukenhof gardens 10- The Netherlands -

2 weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Keukenhof gardens in The Netherlands. The reason we wanted to schedule this trip to the Netherlands for this spring, was because of this park. The gardens are only open to the public for 2 months every year, usually from March, till May, so the window of opportunity was very small. I was super excited when we managed to book our trip, and even more excited the day we headed to Keukenhof. It’s an amazing experience that you absolutely have to live it, if you love nature and flowers as much as I do. We took a train and a bus to get there, and paid 16euros for the tickets, but I tell you, it’s absolutely worth every “penny”. The gardens are huge, way bigger than you can imagine, and we spent around 6+ hours, taking photos of the place and short videos for my upcoming vlog. There are big crowds going in and out, but it’s so big, that you won’t get any problems taking photos and enjoying your time there. There are flowers as far as they eye can see, and you will also find places to eat something when you get hungry or want a little pause from all the walking around. This post might be heavier than usual on the photo side, but believe me, I just picked a small amount of them to showcase here. There are also some “outfit of the day” pics coming on the next post. Stay tuned, and don’t forget to leave your comments below, or ask me anything regarding Keukenhof gardens.

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Flowers & lemons for my birthday | Outfits

Flowers & lemons for my birthday 6- outfit -

Hello my loves! It feels so long since I’ve last written on my blog. I’ve been on vacation to Holland for the past week, and I got back on Saturday, so all my posts were scheduled, but now I’m back to work and it feels nice but weird. It’s actually my birthday today, hence the title of this post. But we shot these photos a couple of weeks before my vacations. I had just bought these tulips, and I wanted to include them in my photos, because they matched my lemon printed top. However, the sun was too bright so you can’t really see how beautiful my small bouquet looked. I love how bright the addition of yellow makes my outfit. I chose to pair it with neutral tones, to make it stand out. It was still a bit breezy when we took these photos, but now the weather is much hotter. Can’t wait to start sharing with you more summery outfits, and get all my summer clothes out. Just wait! 😉 Hope you like this look!

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Pleated skirt & dusty pink | Outfits

Pleated skirt & dusty pink 3- outfit -

This is what I would call a transition outfit. It’s something not too warm but not too spring-y either. I paired my metallic pleated skirt with my burgundy short-sleeved top and burgundy heels, with my dusty pink suede jacket and my new favorite backpack. You’ll get tired of seeing this backpack in my photos this summer. I absolutely love it! I really liked the combination of these items, and I think that the result is something in between casual and chic. I would definitely wear it for a coffee with friends or for a night out. The thing I’m the happiest about is of course the fact that I’m not wearing any tights here. This bare legs feeling is incomparable. Do you like my look?

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