Kat von D Alchemist Holographic palette review

The Kat von D Alchemist Holographic palette is one of the most beautiful palettes I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. It has a gorgeous holographic packaging, the palette itself is triangle-shaped, and it has 4 pastel-colored highlighting powders in it. “Emerald” has a green hue, “Saphyre” has a blue hue, “Amethyst” has a violet hue, and “opal” has a pink hue. They’re all holographic and very pretty and all highly-pigmented. A light touch of your brush on them is going to give you extreme glow. That’s even good or bad, depending on how you’re doing your makeup and how much glow you want for it. For me, it’s definitely too much for everyday, so I’m keeping it for very special occasions. My favorite hue is definitely Opal, because it’s the most discreet one, that might give you a more natural glow. Mind you though, there’s nothing natural about these highlighters; the result is gonna be intense. Another thing I didn’t love about this palette, is the size of the pans. They’re tiny, like eyeshadow ones, so if you’re using them a lot, it’s gonna hit pan fast. That compared to the price of the palette is a bit discouraging. But if you love the colors and you love your bold highlighters, go for it. 馃槈

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