Tan & burgundy | Outfits

I recently got this dress from Zara, and I’ve been dying to wear it, even though it’s more spring-appropriate since it’s short-sleeved. So I decided to wear it with my burgundy coat, bag, and booties, since I really loved the combination of tan and burgundy, from the last time I wore it. That day started really sunny and warm, but around noon, it started being windy and cloudy. So if you see my hair flying around my head, that’s why. I loved this combo once again, and I’m glad I got to wear this dress before spring, because it looked amazing with the coat. And even though I’m not a fan of brown or its variations, I’ve started to love tan, because it works great with my complexion and my hair color. What do you guys think? Do you like it?

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Burgundy & grey | Outfits

The cold has arrived, and so I started wearing warm clothes on a regular basis. I wore this outfit to run some errands and then go to an event the other day. I changed into these booties for the event, and that was a clever choice, because it was only the second time I’ve worn them, and they’re not broken in yet. I love the combination of grey and burgundy, and even though my bag and booties were black, I don’t think they clash with the whole look. It was warm and stylish enough for the day, without it being too casual, or too stylized, so it worked for both occasions. What do you think?

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Baby blue & burgundy | Outfits

Wore this look last week, and I really enjoyed it, but I found the skirt way too long for my height, and kind of “sexy” for my taste. I would preferably shorten it just a little bit, to have more space between the skirt, and the booties, but I don’t think I can do this, since it’s knitted. But, I’m thinking of sewing part of the slit so I can wear it higher, and therefore, make the skirt shorter. What do you think? When I first saw that skirt (I actually thought it was a dress, because it has a matching top) I was in love with it. And when I found out it was from Zara, I went back and forth many times to make sure I get it. I never found it in stores but I ended up ordering the set online. So, it’s the first time I’m wearing it, and decided to wear it without its matching top, because that one was not weather appropriate, but maybe I can wear it on top of another blouse some day. Matched it with my burgundy bag and booties. Do you like the look?

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Glam it up! | Outfits

The outfit of the week is based on red, burgundy & grey. I played with some old clothes & accessories, such as my sweater, shirt & bag, and some new ones, like my jeans, coat and booties, to create this look. A normal person would have probably worn this outfit with a pair of biker boots, or something similar. But I decided to glam it up and wear it with my glitter booties. I just love them so much, and I love how they reflect the light on a super sunny day like this one. So new and old items from my wardrobe came together, to create this look, which I really loved. My new coat is going to be worn a lot this winter, I can feel it. I was just too bored of my old black ones, I wanted more color. And you know how much I love burgundy. And my skinny jeans matched the whole outfit perfectly. Do you like my look of the day?

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At the stadium | Outfits

I wanted to take outfit photos at the Olympic Stadium in Athens for so long, and I finally did it, so I’m here to share them with you! This is the second and final look from Athens (unfortunately I wasn’t able to photograph more looks), but I love how these turned out! We woke up as early as possible that day, took the subway and then the train to go to the stadium, so I wanted to wear something that was going to look pretty and chic but at the same time casual enough. I ended up wearing this look for the whole day, and I felt really comfortable in it, so I’m happy with my choice. I bought this skirt from Athens (not that it really matters, because it’s Zara, and I could have bought it as easily in Thessaloniki) so I wanted to wear it as soon as possible. I played it safe by picking the burgundy from the skirt, and matching it with my burgundy sweater, bag and booties, that came with me to Athens that month. After the photoshoot, we returned home for an hour, and then visited an old school mate of mine, and went to Piraeus for the first time, to visit my old-time reader-turned-friend Elena, and her boyfriend. They took us to an amazing restaurant I really loved. Hope you like this look! Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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