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Hi! How are you? I’ve had a very busy but also great week myself, with lots of work, lots of friends coming to town, coming to my house, or going out together. It’s been amazing, but it’s time to get back on track and also get some more sleep this week. We shot these photos last Sunday, when we went for a coffee and a walk with my boyfriend. I dressed for fall weather, but turns out it was 27 degrees outside, so it was a really bad decision to wear my new faux leather skirt, and a 3/4 sleeved top. The sun was burning, and I regretted the decision to go out in this outfit, but at the same time, I loved wearing it. You’ll definitely see me wearing that skirt a lot this fall/winter, because I absolutely love it. A haul video is coming to my channel soon, so keep an eye out for that too. See you next week guys!

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Stripes on stripes | Outfits

Hey, I’m back! After a short break of about 2 weeks, I’m back to posting on my blog. I needed that short break for myself. I’ve been working non-stop lately and I really wanted some time off to recharge my batteries, and come back with more energy. I really missed posting here. I think it’s the first time ever, that I’ve had such a long break from it, but trust me, I really needed it. I wish I could post outfits more often here, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to shoot more often than I do now. So, let’s talk about the outfit of the day, or more accurately, the outfit of the night. I wore this look, for my mom’s birthday, on the 6th of August, and we managed to shoot these photos, just as the last sunlight died. As you can see, the cars behind me all have their lights turned on. So excuse me, if the quality of these photos is not perfect. I was also testing a new lens that day. So, this top, was a nameday gift from my sister-in-law last month. It ties either at the front, or at the back, depending on your mood and clothes. Since I wore it with these shorts, that already had a bow at the front, I decided to put the bow of the top at the back. Finished off the look, with some old favorite shoes, my new Migato bag, and a pair of mirror sunglasses, which were not needed at the end. Let me know what you think. Do you like it?

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The Netherlands Days 3-5 – Haarlem, Utrecht, Amsterdam | Travel

The Netherlands Days - 3-5 – Haarlem, Utrecht, Amsterdam - Travel 32

This is officially the last post from my vacation to the Netherlands, and beware, it’s picture loaded. So let’s resume my “travel diary” from the place I’ve stopped. I’ve already showed you days 1 & 2 which were spent in Amsterdam, then, I shared my visit to the Keukenhof gardens which was magnificent, and I also shared a couple of outfits of the day (you can go back to see these ones if you’re interested). So now it’s time to show what we did after the gardens….After we left Keukenhof, we took a bus to Haarlem, to meet with Ioanna of the Colourful Bouquet blog, and then returned to our hotel for the night. The next day, was dedicated to Utrecht. We didn’t plan to spend the whole day there, but our arrival was delayed, and we decided to spend all day there to see the city, and meet with one of my cousins whom I hadn’t seen for a while, and who’s been living in the Netherlands for a few years now. The 5th day was all about Amsterdam again. I didn’t take many photos that day, but you can watch the video I’ll be embedding below, to see what else we did. First of all we went to Vondelpark, which despite the rain was amazing, then we went for a walk at the Jordaan District, and concluded the day, and our trip to Holland with a visit to Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Of course there was lots of food, and there are food pictures to testify to that. I hope you enjoy this post, and the photos I took for you. I’ll be happy to read your comments, so feel free to leave them below if you wish. 🙂

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