Casual chic magenta | Outfits

A few days ago, Maria of Style Bows, Olympia of Fashion Addict and I, were invited as guests to a local TV show in Thessaloniki to talk about fashion and our blogs. I can’t hide from you, that I was really nervous, because I’m usually a really shy and private person, and till one month ago I hadn’t even told you my name or showed you my face, and I was now invited to a TV show. However, it was a great opportunity, and I couldn’t say no. Plus, I was going to be among friends, and that made the whole experience more special. We had a really nice time, and I really want to thank Kiki Avramidou and Chris Kirlias that invited us, and everyone else on the show. These photos were taken just before we leave for the studio, and I must say that I really loved both the photos and the outfit. This is actually a dress I’m wearing in these pics, worn as a skirt, with a sweater on top to make it more casual. What do you think?

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