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Parka stories 2- outfit -

It seems that I succumbed to the whole khaki parka frenzy that’s been happening this year, and I don’t have any regrets, because from the day I got this faux fur khaki parka, I’ve been wearing it non-stop. I was worried that maybe I wouldn’t be able to color match it to the items in my closet, but I didn’t have any problems so far. It’s comfortable, cozy, and stylish enough for my casual everyday looks. And I don’t have to wear my black coat all the time now. My only problem with it is that I got it full price, 2 days before the sales started. I’m THAT unlucky! Not that it was too pricey anyway, but I would definitely prefer it if I was getting it on sale. This time I color matched it perfectly with my khaki jeans, making me look like a soldier. lol It was comfortable enough for a day downtown. Hope you like it!

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Gray sweater dress in Athens | Outfits

Gray sweater dress in Athens 4- outfit -

Doing a little break from my usual “travel posts” lately to show you an outfit of the day. This is the look I was wearing when we visited Plaka/Anafiotika, which I showed you on the previous post. I bought this sweater “dress” before leaving for Athens, but to be honest I didn’t notice the huge side slits, before it was too late. Oops. A little sexier than I’d normally go for, but I really liked it so I wore it out with tights and my coat on top of course, since it was cold. I’ll probably sew part of the slits to make it an actual dress in the future. I prefer wearing it with tights anyway. You’ve probably seen this dress on Instagram, if you follow me there (if not, go ahead. You’ll find me as @doyouspeakgossip). I hope you like this look. It was definitely my favorite one of the trip. I’ll have a few more photos and posts to share with you from there, so I hope you do like these kinds of posts, and I’ll be back to my normal schedule soon.

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Polka dots & neon | Outfits

Polka dots & neon 10- outfit -

Hello my dear readers! I’m back with another outfit we manage to snap last month. I received this skirt, and these sunglasses from DressLink and I was eager to wear them in an outfit. They’re both really inexpensive and the skirt’s quality surprised me pleasantly, compared to its low price. For their first outing, I decided to wear them together, to give a retro & fun vibe to the whole look. For the same reason, I added a neon necklace to the look, to avoid making the outfit look too strict. Wish I could photograph this look in a diner. That would be really cool and would add to the retro factor. I hope you like this look! You can find all the links below.

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Pamvotida lake, Ioannina | Outfits

Pamvotida lake, Ioannina 12- Outfits - DoYouSpeakGossip.comOn the 3rd day, we went for a walk around Pamvotida lake in Ioannina, sat for coffee there, and took some photos for the blog. Our initial plan was to take the boat to the little island located in the lake, but the weather wasn’t very good to us, so we had to cancel it. It was a windy and rainy day, even though the forecast said it would be sunny, so my outfit wasn’t ideal, but at least I had a knit sweater and a cardigan with me. I was really eager to wear this maxi dress, which was a birthday gift from my sister in law, and nothing could stop me from doing so. I really loved this outfit. Casual but still really elegant, and comfy like none other. I have to tell you, I got to wear it from day to night, and it felt great. Day 3 was mostly for relaxing due to the bad weather, but thankfully our last day was a really full one; Full of beautiful sceneries, and photos for me to edit and you to see. Stay tuned to see them in my next post. In the meantime, let me know what you think about this outfit by leaving a comment under the post.

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Ioannina part 1 | Travel & Outfits

Ioannina route 66 outfit 5- DoYouSpeakGossip.comI’m finally here with the first part of my trip to Ioannina. I initially wanted to divide it into 2 parts, but I decided against it, so be prepared for a huge post with lots of photos; both travel and outfit ones. 2 in one! I didn’t take many pictures the first day, but I have many from the 2nd one. So on the first and second day, we walked a bit around the city, went to a nearby town in the mountains, walked inside Ioannina’s castle, took some photos, and went for coffee. After that we took these outfit photos, and enjoyed the rest of the day, without having my camera around. So take a look at these pictures, and I’ll be back with the 2nd outfit post and the 2nd part of my trip to Ioannina (and nearby villages).

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