My casual anniversary look | Outfits

My casual anniversary look 7- outfit -

Last Tuesday, T. and I had our 10-year-anniversary. If you follow me on Instagram, then you might have already seen photos (if not, follow me here). At first, we wanted to go on a one-day trip to Chalkidiki, but since it had been raining non-stop for days, we decided against it, because we thought, everything would be soaked in water, even though that day was actually sunny, and warm. So we picked our next best choice, staying in the city, going out for brunch, doing some shopping, then lunch, and taking some photos for this blog. It was nice spending the whole day together, and even though we didn’t do anything “special”, it was pretty special for us. I decided to dress semi-casual for that day, contrary to the outfits I picked the previous years, like this one here. My outfit of the day was super casual, and relatively warm for the day, but as I said, we had bad weather for a couple of days before, so I wanted to be careful. Of course I had to wear heels! I wouldn’t spend my 10-year-anniversary in flats, haha no! We took these photos in one of my favorite places, and if I look bloated, it’s because I was, after all the brunch and lunch food we had. haha Bad day to wear a crop top I guess! What do you think about my look?

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Cherry print skirt & crop top | Outfits

Cherry print skirt & crop top 5- outfit -

I recently got this cropped top and I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to wear it! So the very next day I paired it with my favorite skirt, with the cherry print and my cherry colored pumps and went out with my boyfriend. I really love my new top, and I can’t wait to find other combinations from my wardrobe, but until then, here’s the outfit of the day. I also got the chance to wear my brand new mirror sunglasses, the frames of which I really loved. I don’t wear red very often, but when I do I go overboard. It’s one of these colors that look good on me, and I usually get a lot of compliments when I wear it, even though I’m more of a green and blue fan myself. This look is “very me”. Definitely not casual, but not formal either. I absolutely love it. What about you?

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April 2017 | Wishlist

April 2017 Wishlist -

I recently visited a Migato store in my city, and got two items from their new spring/summer 2017 collection, but I was so in love with so many items from their new collection that it was difficult leaving them behind. That gave me an idea. I didn’t have any other ideas for this month’s wishlist, so why not post about these ones I genuinely liked. Migato is a Greek brand, known for their shoe line, but they’ve started making bags and other accessories too over the past few years. These are my top choices from their new collection, but you can find more at their e-shop

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The scarf & the fishnet tights | Outfits

The scarf & the fishnet tights 7- outfit -

Told you I’d be back with another outfit with fishnet tights, the latest fashion trend, this time in black. Of course I had to style them with my ripped boyfriend jeans so they make an appearance at the ripped parts of the jeans. The sun decided to make an appearance as well, and I couldn’t be happier about it. It was enough for me to take off my coat, and take some photos without it. I absolutely loved this outfit, which was made better by the oversized & cozy scarf, and my new pair or glasses, which are actually 2 in 1: eyeglasses and sunglasses in one pair! Isn’t this amazing? I got sent those glasses by Firmoo, a company I’ve worked with before, and I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered this. Hope you like this look, which is the last one of this month. I’ll be back with new ones soon. Stay tuned!

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Fashionable women’s shoes online

Stylish flat shoes

Last time I visited the omgnb website, my whole attention was focused on those gorgeous bags they store. So this time I wanted to check out my second favorite category, when I’m browsing online shops, which is Women’s Shoes.

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