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12 March, 2012

My dear Denise tagged me a long time ago to tell you my beauty sins, but every time I was going to write about them, something kept coming up and I kept postponing it. Seeing now that it has been 5(!) months since she tagged me (can’t believe it took me so long to post about this), I finally said I should stop postponing it. At first I didn’t know how to answer to these questions since I’m far from an expert in the beauty field. I don’t do my make up like a professional (as most girls I see these days do), and I don’t use many products from the mass market, so I don’t know if this has something interesting to say about me. But I was tagged, and it’s time to do it. So here we go:

Lipstick Illustration source

1) Which was the cheapest beauty product you bought?

It was too long ago, and it was some of these products from the 1€ stores (where you can find many stuff and pay around 1 euro for each), or more precisely from the 100 drachmas stores way before euros came into our lives.

2) Which beauty product annoyed you?

It was a nail polish I bought last summer, from Erre Due (I think), in light blue, which was incredibly thick and difficult to use.

3) Which is your most delicious beauty product?

It was one of those Juicy Tubes from Lancôme, which I bought many years ago, from the airport of Budapest, when I was going to Sweden, and it tasted like Candy. It was the best smell ever (while leaving a really fresh minty feel to your lips), but I didn’t find it anywhere here, to replace it, so I kept some of this one as a souvenir.

4) Which beauty product could you be using more?

I’ll have to agree with Denise on this! I could be using more Facial creams. I have a really dry skin, which leaves dry patches and redness to my face, and it’s not at all pleasant. So I have to use creams more often to keep my skin hydrated and avoid the dryness and redness.

5) Which beauty product gives you more confidence?

I have to say, 2 things. Foundation on a bad skin day (as described above), and eye pencil on good skin days (which let’s face it, are rare).

6) Which male beauty product do you like?

I’m not a fan of men using lots of beauty products, but I do like a well groomed man. My weakness is definitely men fragrances. I love Versace’s Eau Fraiche, Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male, and Cacharel’s Nemo.

7) Which beauty product would you “give” to yourself right now?

I was going to say Mac’s Paint pot, when I wrote down my answers, but since I bought it (but still haven’t used it), I must say, some bright lipsticks-with no particular brand in mind.

So now I must tag 2 bloggers, so I’m passing this to Claire from Notebook of Claire, and

I have lots of other tags and awards to share with you, so please bear with me in a few of my next posts.

Hope you liked my answers! See you next time, with an outfit post.


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16 comments on “My beauty sins tag

  1. My dear friend, you are sooo sweet! I told you not to worry about that! But then you surprised me with this sweet post! (Sweeter after the Lancome gloss 🙂
    I didn’t use the computer for some days – I guess I started a new “thing” in my life, every Friday I stop using the computer 🙂 If it goes on like this next Friday, then it’s my new trend! So I wrote a post yesterday, because I “had” to, it was emotional… and I didn’t comment anything on your previous post (you, always beauuuutiful! Loved the coat!) because I knew there would be a post today (3 days, remember?) and here you are, mentioning me! Thank you so very much!
    Well, I loved your answers, but your skin is beautiful! And I did notice you don’t wear much makeup, and it’s good! I don’t wear much either, and when I do I always post on the blog, hehe!
    Three weeks ago I started using more facial creams, because my dermatologist told me so…
    Well, I don’t use foundations, but amazingly I have many – I try lots of products (because I just like to know about them) and I found out that foundations can be used as concealers – under eyes, I have dark circles. For me they are better than concealers themselves. Although the YSL concealer is good.
    As I said, I loved your answers and so you want more bright lipsticks? There are some nice brands here, I would love to send you some!
    To end, as a coincidence I’m writing about the nail polish you sent me last year! The pink one, not the red. I used it yesterday! And I will post about it today! Wow! We always have these coincidences!
    Filakia polla!!!!
    Denise recently posted..How Green was my ValleyMy Profile

    • Hey Denise! I was wondering where you were! I didn’t have news for days, but I thought that you needed some days to relax. I didn’t have time to read your post, because I’m not feeling so good these last days! I might have caught a cold, and I have stomach pains and some lack of appetite (can’t complain about that, hehe).
      You’re welcome! I told you that I was going to post about it, and I’m glad I finally did. It’s been too long since you tagged me. I should have posted about it earlier. I had the answers ready for months, but didn’t find time to publish, because yes you’re right, I post every 3 days (or every 2 if I have many posts ready).
      Thank you for your comment, but the truth is that my skin isn’t so good in person. It’s usually really dry and red, and so difficult to conceal. Even with foundation or make up without making the dry patches visible. But thank you for saying that. Lately in most of the pics I don’t even wear a lipstick (or lip gloss, which I use more often) because most of them are shot, after I returned home, so there isn’t any left. But I do wear them, almost every time I go out.
      Don’t worry, about the bright lipsticks. We have many to choose here as well, but beauty products are always low on my “to buy” list. I always prefer, shoes, clothes, bags, accessories to beauty products.
      It’s a great coincidence again, because this last week I have my nails painted in the teal color you sent me last year. I have it for a week now and it stayed perfect. I posted a pic on my fb today if you want to see: It seems like it made quite an impression. hehe I got many compliments by it. I’m still waiting for my shoes to come. Maybe they’ll be here tomorrow. We’ll see.
      Filakia polla my sweety! I’ll come by your blog as soon as possible.

  2. pragmatika den uparxei kalutero apo to na agaorazeis fthina kalluntika poy einai k kala poiotikos,vrika stn kostantinoupoli mia marka pou legete flormar kai agorasa polla pragmata kai plirwsa 20E!2 kragion,3 mano kai ena konsiler
    marissa recently posted..Istanbul Diaries Day 1My Profile

    • Not all of them are bad! I have many other colors from the same brand which I love! And the same goes for other brands too. For example, I have Seventeen nail polishes which I love, and others from the same brand, that are way to thick to do a decent manicure.

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