VFW days 2 & 3 Favorite designs

23 September, 2012

On my previous post I shared with you my favorite designs from day 1 of Vancouver Fashion Week. Today, I’ll share with you my favorite looks from days 2 & 3. Unfortunately the photos from Day 4 weren’t uploaded yet, so you may want to check their Facebook page in a few hours to see the designs. Now, let’s see my favorite picks from day 2:

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Photo Credits: Eugene Flores highendphotography.ca, and peterjensenphotography.com, all taken from VFW’s Facebook page.

As you can see my favorite designers for the day were: Kas Wear, De Ocampo and Arshia Kan.

Check out the full schedule and designers here.

And these are my favorites from day 3.

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I LOVED that jacket by Jessica L Huang, and many of her designs. They are a bit dominatrix in some cases but I like their edginess. Another brand/designer that I obviously liked is Angel Eye London & Random Life Project. You can check out the rest of the designs from Day 3 of VFW on their Facebook page. I think the designs and styles we see from VFW are getting better and better by the day! Or at least they’re becoming closer to my taste…

Vancouver Fashion Week ends today, Sunday the 23rd but this is probably my last post about it. If you want to see more looks from the runway (from days 4 & 5), keep an eye on their site, Facebook page or Twitter.

See you tomorrow with an outfit post I really enjoyed wearing! 🙂


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11 comments on “VFW days 2 & 3 Favorite designs

    • Nai oute kai egw tin eixa ipopsin mou, mexri fetos pou me proseggisane autoi gia na sinergastoume…Distixws den ta katafera na kanw apo Vancouver (epefte ligaaaki makria!) alla egrapsa auta ta 4 post.
      Eimai mia xara! Elpizw kai esi to idio para ti metakomisi…To mono provlima einai oti espase i mama mou to xeri tis kai prepei na kanw ta panta sto spiti egw, opote exw kai egw ena treximo, alla kata t’alla mia xara…
      S’euxaristw poli gia to xrono pou dietheses…kserw oti polles fores einai poli diskolo na ta prolaveis ola!
      Filakia polla! Kai esi to idio!

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