My month in pics – December 2012

31 December, 2012

This post, not only sums up my month, but it’s also the last post of the year. Wish I could make a year in pics post, but that would have been really long. So I gathered my top 12 favorite posts of 2012, on my previous post. So, do you want to see what happened in December? Continue reading….

 I shared with you 4 outfit posts, and 5 posts from my trip to London. From left to right: Walking in Notting Hill, Sweatshirts & burgundy, a wool dress to keep me warm, and my Christmas Day outfit. Do you have a favorite?

As usual my shoe saves of the month (#37-39), according to the rules of Shoeper Shoe Challenge by

December included a big change for me. My “transformation” from a blonde to a redhead… I never considered myself a blonde, as I was always a natural honey/brunette and my highlights were more honey colored than the usual blonde you see these days. But red hair was something I really wanted to try since I was in high school, way before I started doing my highlights. So I’m happy to have finally done this step, and I’m really satisfied with this change and my new hair color. This is my transformation “step by step”.

You all know the “before”, and if not you can see the photos above, and here’s the process. I took some photos just for fun, but decided to share them with you.

  1. Waiting for my new hair dye to settle.
  2. My hair after the dye was rinsed off, at the hair salon.
  3. After I left my hairdresser. Photo taken indoors with flash, and as you can see it was quite bold the first day, and it looked more carrot orange than copper red.
  4. As you can see the color faded to this one, after the first showers I had. It’s still a work in progress since the red’s still fading, because of the blonde highlights I had all these years. But I’ll do my best to keep it. Any suggestions from fellow redheads (or anyone else who has knowledge) are welcome.

 So what else? Have you seen my latest buys of the month?

Check the posts about them here and here.

December is always the month that I get my baking mood on, to bake some Christmas cookies, and the famous Greek Christmas sweet, melomakarona.

Remember my post from last year? This year I didn’t go into a cooking frenzy, but I did bake quite a lot of sweet treats.

Butter cookies that taste like heaven

Melomakarona step by step: dough /waiting to get in the oven / right out of the oven / preparing the syrup to pour it onto them / soaking in their syrup (center pic). I didn’t photograph the final result, but I said, you can see it all right here. Click click. Here’s a recipe if you’re interested, although it’s not the one I used so I don’t know if it’s good.

I also made my now famous peanut butter cookies, which you can see in this post, and also in this one here.

And with these photos my last “month in pics” of the year comes to an end. I hope you enjoyed it.

I’m really wishing every one of you to have a fantastic time tonight. And I hope that the New Year will bring you everything your heart desires. Remember to show your loved ones how much they mean to you on these holy nights of the year…

See you all….next year! 😉


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7 comments on “My month in pics – December 2012

  1. you wore a lot of red this month for the festive season – love that!
    oh and the cookies look amazing, please share your recipe 🙂
    steph recently posted..SucreMy Profile

    • Actually the first 2 outfits were worn in late November, but I posted them in December, and they’re burgundy in real life. I only wore red on Christmas Day, and it was way darker than it looks in photos…I don’t know why but I don’t have much red in my wardrobe, but I guess it’s good now that I’m a redhead.
      I’ll try to translate the recipe and post it here someday…they’re really good.

  2. Αχ όλα είναι υπέροχα………τα καινούρια σου μαλλάκια,τα ρούχα σου,τα παπούτσια σου και φυσικά τα υπέροχα μπισκότα σου !!!!!Α περιμένω και την συνταγή σου με τα μπισκότα απο φυστικοβούτυρο!!!!Και του χρόνου να είσαι γερή κουκλίτσα μου!Καλή χρονιά εύχομαι !

    • S’euxaristw poli Elena! Kala kai ta dika sou den pane pisw! Ta dokimasa ola kai itane pentanostima! 🙂
      Tha sou tin steilw se mail!
      Kali Xronia!

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