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28 September, 2014
Language: Greek

Bioten beauty products review - DoYouSpeakGossip.comΓια να διαβάσετε το κείμενο στα Ελληνικά πηγαίνετε στην 2η σελίδα πατώντας το Language: Greek.

A couple of months ago, we were invited to a bloggers event by Bioten cosmetics where we talked about their products and their benefits and innovations. Bioten cosmetics is a company known for their wide range of skincare products (face & body), natural ingredients, and effective formulas, with respect to the health & safety of your skin. All Bioten products are paraben, paraffin and colorant free, based on the most natural ingredients, and dermatologically tested.

These 5 products were given to us to try, at the end of the event, and after testing them for 2 months, here’s my thorough review. I warn you, it’s kind of lengthy again since I’m showing all 5 products in one post.

Bioten shows gel & body lotion  review -

Bioten Shower Cream – Honey and cotton extract

Bioten’s shower cream left me with the best impressions. It has a really nice scent, it’s thick (so you only need a small quantity of product every time you use it) and it creates a lot of foam (if used on a sponge – like I do!). It leaves your skin soft, and hydrating while smelling amazing. I’m definitely buying it in the future, and I want to try out many of the available scents.

I give it 5 stars: ★★★★★

Bioten Body Lotion – for very dry skin with cotton & rice extract

This body lotion is very nourishing and it indeed repairs your dehydrated skin. I have really dry skin on my legs all year long, and after years of laser hair removal treatment, it got even drier, so during summer months I need such products to keep my skin hydrated. These worked really well with my skin type, but maybe it was a bit oily, even for me. You have to use a small quantity if you don’t want to have an oily result, but it seems to get easily absorbed if used properly. It leaves your skin super soft, and hydrated, and even shiny in a healthy way. It has a pleasant scent and a practical container. I’m going to buy it in the future, when this product finishes, but maybe I’ll try the one for just dry skin, and not very dry.

Rating: ★★★★★

 Bioten antiwrinkle day cream & make up removing towelletes review -

Bioten’s Recaptiv Restructuring & antiwrinkle day cream SPF 15

This day cream is said to re-shape the face’s contour and reduce wrinkles, while your skin gets effectively hydrated, supple and firm. It’s recommended for ages 45-55, and while I’m nowhere near this target group I wanted to give it a try for its hydrating abilities. After all, it’s never early to care about wrinkles, which are starting to appear even before our 30’s. However, I can’t speak for its abilities as an anti-wrinkle cream, because I don’t have that many and I haven’t used it every day for weeks to see its true potential, but I can speak about it as a moisturizing day cream. It has a really nice and very discreet scent, something I really like in face creams (otherwise I get a headache), it’s really thick, easy to apply, and hydrating, without being oily. I love the soft touch it leaves you with, and I think it’s perfect as a day cream, even before your makeup. It has a pump, which is really convenient, because you only use the amount you really need, and it doesn’t allow germs to go inside the bottle (plus I hate it when I have to put my hands in the bottle to get my creams).

Rating: ★★★★★

For its hydrating abilities

Bioten’s cleansing wipes for the face and eye area – for dull/dehydrated skin

I used these wipes as a replacement for my makeup removal towelettes for a little while, but they didn’t leave me with the best impressions. First of all, the wipes aren’t that wet when you first open the package (they are a bit wetter as you move to the lower ones, but still, not enough in my opinion). They didn’t take off my make up easily, nor completely, and they left me with a feeling of wanting to use a cleanser after using them, to fully remove my makeup. Plus, because of their “dryness” the first time I used them, I had to rub my skin to take my makeup off, which of course irritated my sensitive skin even more. However, they leave the skin soft, and they have a neutral scent of pomegranate. Their package/container is the best I’ve seen in this category, it got sealed back completely, not letting any more moisture get away.

I have to make clear, that I don’t know if these are intended to be used for makeup removal or just as a way to clean your skin from pollutants and help it look less dull and dehydrated at the same time; I’m just stating my completely honest opinion, after having used them for makeup removal purposes. I would be open to trying the pink ones which are for dry/sensitive skin, although I’m really satisfied with my usual makeup removing towelettes.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

 Bioten CCcream in light, review -

Bioten’s CC cream – light

At the bloggers event, we were given the medium version of this CC cream, but since I’m very pale, I didn’t try it because I was sure it wouldn’t match my skin tone. So I purchased the light version of this to try out. First of all it’s recommended for ages 20-35 and it’s very economical (I bought mine with a small discount at 4.5euros).

The light hue is much more suitable for my skin tone, however still a bit darker. It has pink hues, instead of the usual yellow ones you get from BB or CC creams, which I found really well for white complexions like mine. However, it doesn’t have a good coverage, and you’ll probably need a second layer of it, and you might end up kind of oily (especially if you’ve used a moisturizing cream before that). If you use it with a powder on top, and you don’t have blemishes or redness on your face, it’s really good and it stays put for hours. It gives you a nice hydrating feeling, but it’s somewhat sticky. It has a pleasant smell of quince and I’ll probably buy it again, because, along with a powder on top, it can make your skin look flawless and smooth for those days that my skin looks good, and has less imperfections.

Rating: ★★★★☆


So, this was the end of my review. I hope enjoyed it!

Huge thanks to Bioten Cosmetics for giving us the products to try.

See you tomorrow with a new post, and stay tuned because some surprises are coming your way soon.


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4 comments on “Bioten skincare products review | Beauty Sunday

    • Me too! And this brand is really nice. However I don’t know if you can find outside Europe, because it’s Greek, and I’m not even sure in how many countries they sell their products. But feel free to check out their site. 🙂

  1. Wow, this is really a great post, very very good review! I liked to read about the shower gel – I’d love to try it! I don’t use body lotion – it’s stupid to state that, but it’s honest from me. But then the wipes, with pomegranate!!! (I love honey and pomegranate in beauty products 🙂 Even not removing all the makeup, I still would love to try them! And the anti-wrinkle cream would be good as well – I love potent hydrating creams, as you know! I think the event must have been great and these products seem amazing! Makia!
    Denise recently posted..Such a month!My Profile

    • Thank you Denise! I ‘ll show some of Bioten’s products next time you’ll be here. The shower gel is amazing. I don’t use body lotions very often, but my legs are very dry and dehydrated, due to the laser hair removal, so it’s always needed.
      Sure we can check the wipes & and the anti-wrinkle cream out as well. 🙂

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