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9 November, 2014
Language: Greek

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Artistry’s Advanced Skin Refinisher, is part of Artistry’s Intensive Skincare line by Amway that brings you professional skincare from the comfort of your own home.

According to Amway’s site: “It is its most advanced daily skin retexturiser, delivering dramatic skin smoothing benefits comparable to a professional fractional laser treatment, for a flawless, velvety skin feel and finish. Patented non-acid exfoliating ingredients gently resurface skin’s texture, instantly transforming rough, dull skin into smooth, shine-free perfection. Intensely concentrated botanical extracts penetrate deep within the surface layers of skin, strengthening its natural support, making pores appear significantly diminished. (*Results not equivalent to surgical/cosmetic procedures)

 Results are visible after the 1st use and both physical and visual improvements continue to increase with regular treatment. The benefits of using the ARTISTRY INTENSIVE SKINCARE Advanced Skin Refinisher can be compared to professional cosmetic treatment* whilst remaining in the comfort of one’s home.”

Allergy and dermatologist tested. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.”


Benefits, according to the site, again:

«- Instant ‘Wow!’ look and feel which can even be felt and noticed after the 1st use

– Dramatic skin smoothing benefits comparable to professional treatment*

– Skin smoothing and refinement through a unique combination of skin-rejuvenating ingredients

– Pore tightening and oil control»

 Artistry Advanced Skin Refinisher review 2- Beauty Sunday -

My review:

This is clearly a product, which works best on skins with visible pores, and acne-prone skin, so I would say, it’s better for oily skins, even though it’s suitable for all skin types.

I did feel my skin rejuvenated and felt the instant wow factor, even after the 1st use. Its scent is really pleasant; it reminds me other cream products by Artistry that have the same scent. I felt like it hydrated my skin, and could be used even before make up, but I mostly used it before my night cream. It has a pump, so you get the right quantity of product, while it keeps the germs away from the rest of it, which I found really nice.

However, in my opinion, and I can only speak for myself, and my skin, it didn’t work very well. You see, my skin type is very-dry and often dehydrated, and even though at first, it seemed to be working, after using it day and night for about a week, I felt that my pores have become more visible, and I even saw an appearance of tiny pimples here and there, in the areas where I applied it. After that, I confess that I stopped wearing it for some weeks, till I wore it again for the past week, with the same result. Now, I don’t want to rush into judgment. Maybe, this is how the product works, by cleaning out the clogged pores, and then minimizing them and making the skin appear smoother. I just didn’t give it more time, and the chance to actually clean my skin. Or maybe it’s because it’s just not for my skin. Each one’s skin reacts differently, and mine is definitely weird with some of the products I use.

On the other hand, my cousin, whose skin is indeed oily and acne-prone, has seen terrific results by using it every day for the past month. So I’d say, if you’re in this category, you should give it a chance and try it out to see if it works well for your skin.


You can find the product here

Retail price incl. VAT: 66.42 EUR




I give the product 4 stars, because it didn’t work well on my skin (but it may work well, on yours) and because it’s a bit pricey in my opinion.

The product was sent to me by its PR company


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    • Χαίρομαι πολύ που σου άρεσε! Σαν πιο σχετική με τον χώρο από ότι εγώ η γνώμη σου είναι πολύ σημαντική για μένα! <3
      Πιστεύω ότι εσένα θα σου ταίριαζε. Μακάρι να μου είχε μείνει αρκετό για να στο έδινα να το δοκιμάσεις.

    • Καλέ μια χαρά είναι η επιδερμίδα σου. Λεία και πανέμορφη. Δεν έχεις εμφανή ακμή ή πόρους. Αλλά ίσως όντως σε βόλευε, καθώς βοηθάει και με την λιπαρότητα και αν θυμάμαι καλά η επιδερμίδα σου είναι προς το λιπαρό.

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