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2 November, 2014
Language: Greek

ck one color longwear + shine nail polish review -

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Since I delayed my post the other day, I thought I’d make it up for you, by writing a short review and bringing back Beauty Sunday for the start of this month. This time, I’m reviewing my ck one color longwear + shine nail color in no. 960 “covet” (from the current ck one color “nude collection”).

It is the first nail polish I have from ck one color, and I was eager to try it out, since I saw this amazing pearly elephant-grey color. After its color, the second thing that drew my attention was its brush which is big, flat and has rounded edges. I was intrigued to see it in action.

ck one color longwear + shine nail polish review 2 -

Its application was super easy and smooth, and its brush allowed me to go near my cuticles without the fear of painting over them. I needed 2 coats to get this color you see in my photo, and I used a base & a top coat (fast drying one) before & after using this (my usual ones).

At this point, I have to tell you (if you don’t already know it), that most of my nail polishes last for more than a week on my nails, without chipping (of course my nails grow bigger in the meantime). However, I can tell the difference between a good and a bad nail polish, and I was surprised to realize how much this one lasted on my nails – actually, I’m still wearing the same nail polish as I’m typing this post, and I’ve been wearing it for 3+ weeks now. So, I can definitely say that this is an amazing product, and I’m sure that even if your nail polishes don’t usually last as long as mine, with a good base, and a good top coat (preferably a fast drying one), it will last you, at least one week. So, if you’re interested, make sure to try it out!


Rating: ★★★★★


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Language: Greek

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13 comments on “ck one color longwear & shine nail polish review | Beauty Sunday

  1. Ωραιο φαίνεται το μανο. Εχω μια αδυναμία στα όμορφα περιποιημενα χερια. Δυστυχώς δεν νομιζω να μου κράταγε ουτε μια βδομάδα. Οι δουλειές του σπιτιού βλέπεις δεν επιτρέπουν τέτοιες πολυτέλειες. Να σαι καλά!
    Christina recently posted..Abbacino! / Shopping!My Profile

    • Χαίρομαι που σου άρεσε! Αν οι δουλειές του σπιτιού περιλαβάνουν πολύ πλύσιμο πιάτων και πλύσιμο ρούχων στο χέρι, μπορεί όντως να μην σου κρατήσουν μια εβδομάδα λόγω της συνεχής επαφής με το νερό, αλλά από την εμπειρία μου, στα δικά μου τουλάχιστον νύχια, ακόμα και με δουλειές του σπιτιού, αν βάλεις καλή βάση και top coat, δεν παθαίνουν τίποτα. Και λίγο παραπάνω απ’τα κλασσικά βερνίκια πάντως να σου κρατήσει, αν όχι μια εβδομάδα, είναι κέρδος νομίζω.
      Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ για το σχόλιο! 🙂

    • Ναιιι! Είναι τέλειο! Επιτέλους όμως βρήκα λίγο χρόνο να το αφαιρέσω και να αλλάξω χρώμα.

  2. I am loving these neutral nail looks! It’s so hard to find a good nail polish and i usually have to end up reapplying every day in order for it to actually last! Thank you for sharing and I’m looking forward to more reviews in the future!:)
    xoxo Rachel F.
    Rachel F. recently posted..Fall-ing Dress over HeelsMy Profile

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    • Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ Christy. Στην πραγματικότητα είναι πιο σκούρο! Απλά στην φωτογραφία αριστερά είναι με φίλτρο από το Instagram. Μπορείς να δεις το πραγματικό χρώμα σε όλα τα πρόσφατα outfit posts μου.

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