Satinique hair products by Amway | Beauty Sunday Review

15 February, 2015
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Today, I’ll review some products which I received a few months ago. I’ve been using them for a few months now, so I’m ready to share my thoughts with you. Here are the product reviews one-by-one:

SATINIQUE™ Anti-Hairfall Shampoo & Conditioner

Satinique shampoo & conditioner

These 2 products will make your hair smoother and shinier, while promoting fuller, thicker looking hair and helping reduce hair loss due to breakage. I’ve been using these 2 for months now, and I really like them. They have a really light scent (something I consider a plus) and they make your hair so smooth and shiny, especially if they’re used as a set. You only need a small quantity, as per usual with Amway products, and they will last for months. They’re really good, at the changing of seasons, when we see the most hair loss.

Retail price: 14.07€ & 14,92€


SATINIQUE™ Scalp Tonic 

Satinique Scalp tonic

This leave-in tonic, promotes a moisturized/balanced scalp and thicker, fuller looking hair. I use it every time I get out of the bath, on my scalp, to help with my really dry skin, and I’ve seen great results so far. You can use it out of the bottle as it is, straight on your scalp, but I find it a bit difficult, as the product is quite thick, and I can’t be sure of the quantity I’m using. So I do this trick my aunt taught me; I apply some tonic along my fingers, and use my fingers as a comb, to go into my hair, and massage it on my scalp. I do this 2-3 times, on the most affected by dryness areas and I continue with my normal after-bath routine.

Retail price 51,22€


SATINIQUE™ Final Step Finishing Spray & Texturing Matte Wax

 Satinique hairspray & wax

Last but not least, I’ll talk about the new Final Step Finishing Spray & the Texturing Matte Wax. As you might know, I’m not a huge fan of styling products, but occasionally I do use some hairspray (usually on curls or buns) and wax on the ends of my straightened hair. Because I don’t do these so often, and because I prefer my hair’s natural look, I haven’t used these 2 so much. I liked the hairspray a lot, but I didn’t find its hold as strong as the previous Satinique one I was using (probably because this one has a medium hold). It will last for some hours, but if you need a stronger hold, you’ll either need more product, or you’ll need to reapply it. The good thing for me is that I don’t wake up to sticky-from-hairspray hair, so I really liked this medium hold.

As for the wax, I use it mostly on the ends of my hair when I straighten them (usually when they’re freshly dyed) and it really keeps them from frizzing. Since this one also has a medium hold, it’s fine for a few hours, or if you want a natural looking result. Also, it smells great, and has a nice texture.

Retail price: 10,23€ & 18,29€


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13 comments on “Satinique hair products by Amway | Beauty Sunday Review

  1. I really have damaged hair it’s not because of color treatment. I like amway products, but I am bit confused which kind of shampoo do I need to use? Like Satinique® Color Repair Shampoo or Satinique® Extra Volume Shampoo or Satinique® 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner. Please suggest me.

    • Hey Tanmayee! I haven’t tried all of the products you mentioned above, just the ones I’m showing here, and the Satinique color repair. I’d suggest either the color repair, or the 2 in 1. If you have damaged hair though, you really need conditioners and especially hair masks to keep your hair moisturized. So whatever product you choose, make sure to also buy a good hair mask. And use it on your ends every time you wash your hair for about a month, and at least once a week after that. Hope I helped.

  2. Hi ,
    I am using scalp tonic along with satinique anti hair fall shampoo. i have only 5% of hair on the center of my head.
    i have not seen any where written in the products, as these can be used for hair regrowth.

    Please suggest.

  3. Hey I started using scalp tonic nd could find hair color changes to grey in a week.. I’m really worried about this.. trust on Amway is dipped.. is this product really tested and whether it can be used of all hair types????

    • Hey Hema! That sounds terrible. I didn’t have a similar experience when I was using the scalp tonic; it worked great on me. You should discuss it with Amway, since I don’t have the knowledge to answer anything related, and I’m not a distributor myself.

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