Youth Lab Cellulite Free Serum & Firmness Body Cream review

26 June, 2015
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I’m here with another review post today, to tell you my thoughts about 2 products I received from Youth Lab: The Cellulite Free Serum & the Firmness Body Cream. I’ve been trying these products for the past 3 months, to get a full opinion, but let me start by saying, that I was never a believer of cellulite products in general, so even though I bought such products in the past, I never used them for a long time, and I’ve never seen results. This is the longest I’ve tried such products, so you know my review is honest.Youth Lab - Cellulite serum & firmness body cream review -

First I should say that their recommended usage is daily, and even twice a day if you want to, but I have to be honest, I could never do that. I’ve been using them only after my showers for the past 3 months, and I did see results, but I’m sure these results could have been better if I had been using them daily. My intention was to combine their use with a better diet and some exercise, but I haven’t done that either. As I said on my previous post, I’ve been eating unhealthy food and stopped exercising for the past year, and I gradually started gaining weight again this year, and because of these reasons, my cellulite re-appeared. So I was really eager to start using these products and see their results. Let me talk about them one by one now.

Youth Lab Cellulite Free Serum

Youth Lab - Cellulite serum review -

It says it “improves the appearance of dimpled skin associated with cellulite, invigorates and stimulates lipolysis while restoring firmness and smoothness”.

Active ingredients: Patented Caffeine complex of biotechnological process, Oligopeptide, Green tea extract.

My thoughts: It has a nice smell of freshness, it’s easily used due to its container, and it’s easily applied. You should “massage it into clean skin twice a day on areas prone to cellulite, until serum is absorbed”. However it’s not very easily absorbed and it leaves your skin sticky, so you should definitely continue with the Firmness Body Cream after that.

Youth Lab Firmness Body Cream

Youth Lab -  firmness body cream review -

This is a “rich bod cream, formulated to increase skin firmness and elasticity, while giving a deep hydration”.

Active ingredients: Unroasted Shea butter and avocado seed extracts in bentonite, caffeine, Sodium salicylate, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Coleus Firkoshlii Root Extract, and Phospholipids.

My thoughts: This cream has an even nicer smell, kind of minty freshness, it’s easily applied, and easily used through the tab. You should “apply it to your entire body daily and massage gently until absorbed”. This cream is actually absorbed quite quickly and it leaves a really nice & soft feel to your body while it hydrates it. My suggestion is to shake it well before each use, to avoid any unwanted oily ingredients coming out before the cream.


I would suggest you use only a small quantity of each product every time you use them, otherwise your body might not be able to absorb them properly. If used together, along with better nutrition and exercise (which I’ve since started), you will definitely see results. It definitely betters the appearance of dimpled skin, but don’t expect miracles; they’re just creams after all. Only with a combination of those 3 you can see true results.


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