Platform shoes for fall via SammyDress

13 September, 2015

Platform shoes for fall

Platform shoes have been one of the biggest trends of last Spring/Summer season, and as it seems, the same trend is going to follow us to fall/winter too. People seem to be divided into 2 categories when it comes to platform shoes: either they love them, or they hate them! I used to hate them in the past, but I changed my mind when I bought my first pair of flatform sandals for summer. They can be super comfortable, in ways that normal flats will never be, and have a few added privileges. First of all, you gain a few points in height (which is always a plus for most women), while walking comfortably on your flat shoes, without feeling anything from the ground beneath you. Secondly they can be super stylish in their own ways.  

Today’s picks are from a site I’m sure you’re already familiar with, which is called SammyDress. If you’re a lover of such shoes, I’m sure you’re going to love this category, which has all kinds of platform shoes. I picked my favorite ones for this post, starting with my top picks which you can see in the first row. The black one should be perfect for fall, aka the season of rain. Doesn’t it look amazing? You can find it here for less than 15€. I definitely want to buy something like this for fall. My second favorite is the grey one with the floral details, which actually costs even less (9.53€). It’s also available in black and in white, but grey always has my attention, and it will be perfect for the non-rainy days of fall.

Fall is a transitional season, when I normally can’t wear my sandals any more neither my boots yet, so I always go for flats of all kinds. Check out SammyDress to find out more shoes like these!

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One comment on “Platform shoes for fall via SammyDress

  1. Τί όμορφες επιλογές! Ειδικά τα δεύτερα και τα τρίτα είναι όνειρο!
    Φιλί γλυκό, κοριτσάκι μου!

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