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20 September, 2015

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Fall is officially here, which can mean one thing. The homecoming is near for our friends in the United States. It’s a really nice tradition that I unfortunately haven’t experienced myself, but we’ve all seen the movies, so we know how it goes. But every girl’s dream is all about the homecoming dance, and especially the coronation of the Homecoming Queen. And who doesn’t want to be a homecoming queen, really? I know I would! What a homecoming queen needs is the perfect dress, to look stunning during the dance. And today, I’ve got you covered.

Homecoming dresses 2

 I found a new online store that I want to introduce to you this week, which is called Homecomingirl. Its title says it all, really. It’s the paradise of homecoming dresses. Today, I’m going to draw all the attention to Short Homecoming Dresses, because really, they are the best! Light and playful, perfect for all the ladies at the dance!

Homecoming dresses 3

It seems that especially the red ones, were my favorite this time, as most of selections are in this color. But they are of course all totally customizable, and you can pick your favorite color and material for it. The ones that hit just above the knee are super elegant, and they can also be worn in other formal events, after homecoming. A beautiful dress like these shouldn’t be worn only once after all. Imagine how you’d feel in one of these dresses! A true queen! With prices ranging from around 89$ to 165$ they’re totally affordable, and they’re tailor-made to your dimensions, and delivered to your doorstep, 3-5 days after they’re tailored. Order your dress today, so you can wear it to your upcoming homecoming. And be sure that all eyes will be on you! Check out the site, and enjoy your shopping! 🙂

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