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A super-fresh outfit post for today! This is my birthday look! I wore this from morning till night; that’s how much I loved it! I was supposed to change outfits for the night, but I was just not feeling it, and decided to stay with this one. It’s super simple, casual & comfortable, and it looks like I’m on vacation somewhere. There were stares & giggles from a few girls, but I didn’t care one bit. I took my boyfriend out for brunch, and enjoyed the whole day together. I decided to wear my new off-the-shoulder cropped top I got from H&M online, and my culottes, which you might already be tired of seeing, but I love so much! My feminine side would have liked to wear white heels, but I would be crazy to wear them all day, so I stayed comfy in my flat sandals. I added a hat to make it more summery, and a backpack for some playfulness. I got a bit sunburnt on the shoulders while taking these photos, but oh well… Hope you like this look! 🙂

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Culottes & polka dots | Outfits

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I’m back with a fresh new outfit post! We took these photos just yesterday, and I couldn’t wait to show them to you! It’s been so long since we last took photos and I almost forgot my camera at home, before leaving the house. haha The weather has been amazingly warm lately, and I wanted to wear my new Migato sandals again, which I paired with my culottes, and a polka dotted peplum top which is really light, and added color to my look. I still haven’t taken out my summer clothes, but I’m hoping that we’re getting there. How would you wear your lace up sandals? Give me some ideas on how to wear them next, by leaving your comment below!

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Lace up shoes & culottes | Outfits

Lace up shoes & culottes 9- outfit -

These shoes are one of my latest purchases! They are truly gorgeous and I just couldn’t resist because they were inexpensive too! I’m in love with anything lace up at the moment, and the color of these shoes is amazing. I couldn’t wait to wear them in an outfit! And what better way to show them off than with my culottes? I went matchy matchy with the top, in magenta, and I added a B&W jacket to break the monochromatic result. This road with the fallen blossoms from the trees was the perfect spot to photograph it, though the sun was shining too bright that day, creating harsh shadows and contrasts and it was a bit difficult to showcase it in the best way. Don’t worry though, cause I’ll be wearing them a lot this season and I’ll sure have another chance to photograph them again for you! 😉 Do you like this look?

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