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You must already be too tired of me, talking about jumpsuits and playsuits, or even looking at me wearing only those lately, but the truth is that this summer I’ve pretty much replaced my skirts and dresses for these babies. Maybe it’s the fact that I still haven’t changed between summer and winter clothes in my wardrobe, so I have little access to my summer clothes so far, but hopefully I will, soon. This jumpsuit is by Banggood, and it’s the first time I’m collaborating with them. They have really good flash deals, if you’re looking for great offers, and they also have good fashion deals, if you’re more into clothing items. This jumpsuit came in the mail in less than a month, and it’s great, but its fabric is too transparent so you need to be careful with what you’re wearing under it. I also believe that it’s gonna look better on you if you fall under the petite category, so shorter than 160cm, so it will be floor length on you. Other than that, I love its baby blue color, its nice detailing around the neck and its loose fit. What do you think? Let me know by leaving a comment under this post!

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Jumpsuit crazed | Outfits

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Lately, I’ve been pretty much living in my jumpsuits and playsuits. They’re super comfortable and perfect for this hot weather. It feels like I’m wearing my pajamas when I wear these. And who wouldn’t like going out feeling as comfortable as in his pajamas, but being stylish at the same time? You tell me! This particular one, is from the brand Moony Mood, which I’ve shown you on my haul video before. At first, I wanted to wear it with my brown platforms, but I saw this statement necklace and I got inspired to try something more extravagant. So, what do you think?

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#iwokeuplikethis | Outfits


Fresh new outfit post and I’m back with another new purchase. This strapless jumpsuit is as comfortable as it gets. So I decided to pair it with flat sandals for its first outing to make it as relaxed as possible. My boyfriend, T., kept teasing me that I looked like I just got out of bed, and was still in my pjs and slippers. I guess he’s not used seeing me in such easy going outfits. So I decided to name this outfit #iwokeuplikethis, which is one of the most famous hashtags on Instagram. I really loved this outfit, which looked much better in real life, you have to trust me. But next time, I’ll be combining it with heels; that’s for sure! What do you think?

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