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Remember this jumpsuit? I got it a few months back in winter, and didn’t have the chance to wear it till now. I thought it’d be sad to keep it in the closet waiting for a nicer occasion to present itself, so I wore it to casually go out one day. Ideally I would have paired it with a nice pair of pointy pumps with no platform, but since it’s summer and scorching hot outside, platform sandals will have to do. Paired it with my vintage red sunglasses and my coral clutch for a pop of color, and my new Moonstone Magic pendant. Isn’t it pretty? I really loved how it looked with my strapless jumpsuit. Finished off my look with a casual updo. What do you think?

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#iwokeuplikethis | Outfits


Fresh new outfit post and I’m back with another new purchase. This strapless jumpsuit is as comfortable as it gets. So I decided to pair it with flat sandals for its first outing to make it as relaxed as possible. My boyfriend, T., kept teasing me that I looked like I just got out of bed, and was still in my pjs and slippers. I guess he’s not used seeing me in such easy going outfits. So I decided to name this outfit #iwokeuplikethis, which is one of the most famous hashtags on Instagram. I really loved this outfit, which looked much better in real life, you have to trust me. But next time, I’ll be combining it with heels; that’s for sure! What do you think?

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