My month in pics | April 2016

April 2016 favorites - Youtube video - Αγαπημένα Απριλίου, Ελληνίδα Youtuber

Another month comes to an end; another recap of the month is here. This time it’s accompanied by a new video with April’s favorites. I’ll attach it below, even though it’s in Greek. Feel free to watch it and give it a thumbs up though. I’ll also link to the outfits of the month, in case you want to go back and see them closely. As always, I’m also adding my Instagram feed of this month, in case you don’t have an account there, or if you’ve forgotten to follow me (it’s @doyouspeakgossip by the way!). Make sure to also enter Kleoniki and I’s International Giveaway with 4 MAC products. I’ll leave a photo with a link down below. Good luck! See you next week!

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April 2016 | Wishlist

April 2016 - wishlist -

I’ve said before that I’m done buying shoes for a while because my closet is overflowing with them, and I had all the styles needed. However, this month, it was really difficult for me to keep my attention away from beautiful shoes, and not make another full-of-shoes wishlist. I didn’t do very well, because 3 out of the 5 items on this wishlist are still shoes, but can you blame me? They are sooo pretty. And I’m sure I’ll buy at least one of them. With the Greek Orthodox Easter slowly approaching (we celebrate it on May 1st this year), I’m also looking at beautiful pastel dresses, like the one above. I’d also like a spaghetti strap lace top to be added to my collection. What’s your favorite item on my list this month?

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