My month in pics | August 2016

My month in pics - August 2016

It’s the last day of August. Can you believe how fast summer went by? I still can’t! I’m not ready for summer to be over. I still haven’t done so many of the things I wanted to do. Still haven’t worn all those summer dresses in my wardrobe, still haven’t gone to the beach as much as I’d like to… I’m starting to get that summertime sadness that Lana del Rey sings about. Are you feeling the same, or are you one of those who can’t wait for the heat to be over, and fall to come? Please tell me I’m not the only one here, sad about summer being almost over. Anyway, nothing really exciting happened this month. Most people were on vacation so I took some days off as well, since the traffic in August drops dramatically anyway. Hopefully you’ll be around more and more from now on. Here are the outfits and the videos of the month of August, along with my Instagram photos. Is there anyone out there who’s still not on Instagram or Snapchat? To be honest, I’ve wanted to change this column for so long. But I just don’t know what to replace it with… Any ideas? You’re welcome to leave them below!

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August 2016 | Wishlist | Nordstorm Anniversary Sale

August 2016 - wishlist

I know it’s still too early to start thinking about winter clothes, but Nordstorm is having its anniversary sales, and it has the autumn collections in much discounted prices, so I just couldn’t resist. These are my picks! And if you want to get advantage of the reduced prices, you have to hurry, goes the prices go back up on August 8th, so you have until the 7th to shop your favorite fall/winter items. I’ll link all my picks below, so you can find them in the store. Hurry up!

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