Radiant pure & gentle cleansing milk & balancing lotion review

Radiant pure & gentle cleansing milk & balancing lotion review - travel sizeI received these 2 products by Rantiant a while ago, but haven’t reviewed them anywhere till now, so I think it’s time to change that. They are both travel sizes, at 100ml, which makes them perfect to take with you while traveling, even on the cabin luggage when traveling by plane. The cleansing milk is indeed very gentle, it cleans your skin perfectly and leaves it soft. While the balancing tonic lotion, is very mild and makes your skin feel clean and refreshed. They both have a very pleasant and discreet scent, something I always appreciate in skincare products. The cleansing milk comes with a pump, while the lotion has a rotating cup that leaves just a small hole when rotated for the product to come out. Which is amazing, because you don’t waste any product, and it makes it very difficult to spill it by mistake. All in all, they’re both great and very practical products, which I love. Totally recommend them.

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