Something borrowed & something blue | Outfits

Something borrowed & something blue - outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comNope, no one is getting married; it’s just that this expression got stuck on my mind when I was searching for a title. You see, my outfit of the day had something blue in it (blue jeans and baby blue shirt), and Anatoli, suggested that I wear her coat as not to get cold when I was taking photos of her. We liked the coat with my outfit so much that she suggested I should keep it on for my photos as well. And I did, because I loved it, hence the “borrowed” part of the title. I always wanted a red coat, but I need a camel one first. The rest of the outfit is really simple, playing with blue and beige. When I saw the sun shining that day I went for my old cropped jeans, but later realized that maybe I shouldn’t have. At least we managed to take some decent photos and enjoy our day, despite the clouds. What do you think?

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