Job interview ready | Outfits

Job interview ready 5- outfit -

Not that I went to a job interview that day, but that was my first thought when I show the result of the outfit I had in mind, in the mirror. I look like I’m ready to go for a job interview. Don’t you think? Or to an office-job… I like these kinds of outfits from time to time, and even though I haven’t been to many interviews, and they scare the hell out of me, and make me stressed and uncomfortable, I know all about the rules of interview dress code. I was thinking…. Would you like to see something like this in a video from me? I’d be happy to make one in the future. Now, let’s talk about the real star of this outfit, which is my new handmade ring by AbyCraft. I’ll link to her Facebook page, and Etsy shop down below, so make sure to check out her amazing designs.

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Blue black | Outfits

Blue black 2- outfit -

For those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram (what are you waiting for? Click here to follow me now @doyouspeakgossip), here’s the post from the day I dyed my hair again. I don’t know if you noticed, but they’re a bit darker than usual, although they look really bold in these photos. The color will get less intense after a few washes, don’t worry. I’ve wanted to get it darker for a long time, and maybe in the future it will go even more.

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