Teal perfection | Outfits

Once in a while, I do wear a super casual outfit too. You know that my casual style usually involves some low heeled booties at least, but on a very rare occasion I will go out in sneakers too. Believe it or not, I don’t find sneakers that comfortable. I prefer low heeled shoes to sneakers; plus I feel more like myself wearing heels (even lower ones!). That being said, there are days when I just can’t bother with any kind of heels. That was one of those days for me. I wore a simple pair of blue skinny jeans, a light green sweater, my teal green jacket, and my thick teal & blue scarf, which I really really love. I love these colors in winter, and teal used to be my favorite color for years, before I started wearing grey and burgundy more and more. And I love the fact that it makes a nice contract with my red hair. That’s always a plus for me. So what do you think? Do you like my look of the day?

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