Bring the earmuffs | Outfits

celine look alike bag - leopard

We took these photos last Thursday when we met with Kleoniki to spend the day at Mediterranean Cosmos for some minor shopping, coffee, and later food and cocktails. It was a really sunny but really cold day so I took my new earmuffs, which I got from Cosmopolitan magazine, with me. As you can see they almost blend in with my hair color, which means that my copper red has faded a lot, but it has to wait a little while longer. I wasn’t wearing anything special that day, because I wanted to be comfortable, but I chose to wear my leopard top that I haven’t worn in a while, and that kind of matched my earmuffs. As I told you I don’t wear a lot of brown, so styling them was indeed a challenge, since I’ve already worn most of my “brownies” in this post. So, what do you think?

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