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Every wedding season, I get tons of emails from girls asking me what to wear on such events. I always tend to go for formal because I love dressing up, but I always say “wear whatever makes you feel comfortable”, depending on the dress code of the occasion. For me, dressing up for weddings shows respect to the couple who invited you to be there on their happiest day of their lives. But there are always other options that agree with your style. Today, I’m going to show you a few styles I like for formal events, all from the e-shop DressFirst. DressFirst has everything you’ll need for special occasions: from cocktail dresses to wedding dresses. These above are my 6 favorite styles, all taken from the cocktail dresses section. I love the movement of the fabric on the blue one and the white one; they seem ethereal. The red one from the second row reminds of the one I was wearing on my brother’s wedding. As for the 2nd and 3rd ones, I find them really elegant, but I’d go for the ethereal ones in summer. What do you usually wear on weddings? Would you like me to do another post with less formal options in the future?

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