Transitioning into fall | Outfits

Transitioning into fall 5- outfit -

When the days are sunny and warm, you can get away with summer clothes, and add a few winter details in your outfit, to keep yourself warmer, such as tights. Fishnet tights are perfect for this transitional season, because they’re not too warm, and are a big trend since last winter. I didn’t LOVED this combination with my white sneakers but I think they looked quite good. And I really loved the rest of the outfit. You already know that grey and dusty pink is a favorite combination of mine, and this skirt, is so pretty and soft, that I had to wear it again, cause I wore it only once since the day I bought it. All in all it is a great outfit for this season, and I really liked how casual but girly it looked at the same time. Did you like it?

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Those windy autumn days | Outfits

Those windy autumn days 3- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comHello my sweeties, how are you? I know I was a bit down the last time I posted, but I’m now feeling fine, and I’m happily back to my regular posting. I couldn’t leave the blog after all. It’s one of my addictions! We took these photos on Tuesday, when it was as windy as it gets, and even though in some regions of the country it’s still summer, here in Northern Greece it’s getting really serious with the cold. I actually had to go back home and get something heavier and longer to wear on top of these. That’s how cold it was! This is actually the last outfit I’m posting this month, but worry not, because many interesting things are coming, starting from this Sunday, when I’m planning to do a new Beauty Sunday post. Let’s see if I’ll succeed! 😉

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