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As Christmas is quickly approaching, I’m getting more and more excited with the prospect of sharing more festive looks with you. Today’s look is something you wouldn’t normally expect from me, because you know how much I love dresses for formal occasions. But I thought it would be nice to show a look with trousers, for those of you who don’t tend to wear dresses or skirts. No one says you can’t be festive in pants. My suggestion is to wear your pants, with a nice cozy sweater in red, gold or green, and add something sequined to the look like a clutch to make it more festive. I wore my sweater with a star-print shirt, and my gold sequined clutch, and I wore my wedge booties underneath all, because my pants are long, but you can wear flats if you prefer it. This would be a really nice look for a family gathering, or even a low-key holiday party. I hope you like it! I’ll be back with more suggestions, and I hope you haven’t forgotten, a new video (lookbook) too! Just stay tuned!

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