Glam it up! | Outfits

The outfit of the week is based on red, burgundy & grey. I played with some old clothes & accessories, such as my sweater, shirt & bag, and some new ones, like my jeans, coat and booties, to create this look. A normal person would have probably worn this outfit with a pair of biker boots, or something similar. But I decided to glam it up and wear it with my glitter booties. I just love them so much, and I love how they reflect the light on a super sunny day like this one. So new and old items from my wardrobe came together, to create this look, which I really loved. My new coat is going to be worn a lot this winter, I can feel it. I was just too bored of my old black ones, I wanted more color. And you know how much I love burgundy. And my skinny jeans matched the whole outfit perfectly. Do you like my look of the day?

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