Goodbye autumn | Outfits

Autumn is slowly coming to an end, and this is the last autumn outfit I’ll be posting this year. Vlogmas season is coming, and with it, a busy schedule, and a lot of working hours. But I don’t mind. I actually like it a lot! We photographed this look last week, after a delicious brunch we had. The weather that day was quite cold for what I was wearing, and I probably shouldn’t have gone out with bare legs, but I did, and I don’t regret it. Even though I’m now (almost) down with a cold. Hopefully it will pass, before December starts, and I’ll be back to my healthy self. If I love something about fall, is the fallen leaves of the trees, making everything so beautiful. For my look, I combined, dark grey with lots of burgundy, and I loved the result. How about you? 

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