Greek – the finale

One more great TV Series came to an end. It’s so sad when this happens. Greek was one of the many series I’ve been watching, and I liked it because it was fun watching the characters go through college and having the same experiences that many of us may already have. Like boyfriend troubles, or how difficult it might be to choose a career, having sexuality issues, partying till the sun comes up (while drinking like there’s no tomorrow, and waking up the next day with a terrible hangover), money problems and wondering what to do next, after graduation. All these while watching the college experience through fraternities, sororities and the whole “Greek system” in action. After 4 seasons, it was Greek’s time to have the big finale, and I think it was amazing. If you haven’t seen it and you like watching series with this theme, you should definitely give it a chance. You can visit ABC Family to learn more.

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