Lorvenn Theraplex Hair Strengthening system review

Lorvenn Theraplex Hair Strengthening system review Theraplex is a system by Lorvenn that consists of 2 products, meant to be used during technical procedures such as dyeing. I’ve been sent this product, a few months ago, and I wanted to try it, so when we dyed my hair last Sunday, we also added these 2 products. Step 1 is Theraplex Bond Performer, which is an active additive mixed with hair coloring (& bleaching) products, to protect against any damage that may be caused by the procedure. Step 2, is called bond locker, and it complements and enhances the protection and hair structure stabilization effect started by Step 1. I hadn’t dyed my hair in 5 months, but I really wanted to protect them from the procedure, and make the color last longer this time. It’s super easy to use, you just follow the instructions on the box, and your hair look deeply nourished, and healthy afterwards. Both me and my hairdresser were pretty impressed by the effect. Step 2 was like a deep mask, that made my hair very smooth, and easy to comb through. All in all, I think they’re both great products, and if you have blonde hair, or bleach your hair at home, it’s really going to help your hair look healthier.

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