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Looking at this outfit, I don’t think I could have named this post anything less than Barbie Girl. I unintentionally combined two shades of pink: hot pink & dusty pink, and I actually liked the result a lot. It’s a super simple look, something between casual and chic. I didn’t add too much jewelry, except for my watch and simple necklace, even though I could. This top has been in my closet since I was in high school, and I recently re-discovered it in my old clothes, and thought to myself, why not? And this is the skirt I bought last year on sale. It’s suede-like, and super soft, and I like it a lot. Not much to say about this look, but it is my birthday tomorrow, so thinking about what I’ll be wearing that day. Any ideas?

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Green with envy

DSC01237The title has nothing to do with the actual post except for the colour in it, but I like playing with words. This is the outfit I wore on Wednesday. It was my mother’s nameday and we had, once more, guests in our house. Yes, we love having guests in our house and cook for them, it makes us really happy. If you haven’t figured it out yet, here in Greece we love combining our entertainment with food. In fact, these two are almost always linked together. Ah, what can I say, as a Taurus myself, food is always entertainment for me, and when you add the Greek factor, you get an even worse result. Hehe

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