My month in pics | July 2015

My month in pics - July 2015 - DoYouSpeakGossip.comSuper happy that July indeed ended in a much better way than it started. Not that our mess is any better, but at least things have started to work again, and we don’t live in a “limbo” situation, not knowing how to go on with our lives, while waiting for major decisions to be made for us. Back to my post now… While June was a difficult month, and July started the same way, at least I had some content already created and I was actually able to show you, 11 outfits, compared to the 7 I showed you last month. I can certainly say that I absolutely loved the outfits of this month. They were very much my style, and I’m glad to be back wearing pretty heels again. My Instagram feed was also really pretty, and even though I went on and off with my diet, I still tried not to put too much #foodporn in it. Healthy stuff doesn’t count, right? To finish this month in a good way, I prepared an International giveaway for all my readers. You can win a vintage-like rose necklace by entering the giveaway, through Rafflecopter, at the end of this post. Make sure to follow the first 2 mandatory steps. Good luck!

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July 2015 | Wishlist

July 2015 - wishlist -

It seems kinda silly, writing this wishlist today, but my mood is not at its best lately, and I needed some pick me up. So I searched and found some items that make me smile, that I would love to own, but probably never will (except for the jumpsuit – I really want this jumpsuit). I’m having an obsession with cute prints lately, I don’t know what’s happening to me, but these playsuit and those watermelon Keds are some of the cutest things I’ve seen this summer. The wedges are amazing, and the “do not disturb” hat, along with its photo pretty much cover where I’d rather be, and what I’d rather do right now. The black jumpsuit is Zara, and everything else is linked below! Happy July everybody!

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