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Loose & casual 6- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comLast week I was in a vary casual mood and didn’t want to restrict myself with anything even remotely tight, so I wore my new loose culottes with my palm tree off the shoulder top and a pair of flat sandals to go out for drinks. To be honest, even though it looked much better in person than it did in these photos I wasn’t feeling much myself in that outfit. I think I need to shorten these culottes a bit, but everyone tells me not to, and I’m torn. I think their height needs to be above my ankles for them to compliment me in a better way, because it’s such a loose pair that it’s easy to make me look even shorter and wider than I actually am; something that I definitely wouldn’t like. So what do you think? Should I shorten them a bit? Or not? Let me know, and help me make a decision.

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