Urban Decay Troublemaker mascara review

I was sent this mascara, Urban Decay’s Troublemaker, a few months back, but since I already had one opened, I didn’t want to open another one so soon. So I recently started using it and I have kind of mixed feelings about it. The packaging is amazing, let’s start from that. It’s the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. It says it’s super-fat, super-long, sex-proof mascara, and especially that last one caused quite a stir when it first came out. Let’s comment about those first two statements though; It has quite a thin wand, with small spikes, which is something I usually like, but I don’t think it made my lashes look neither super fat, nor super long. At its first use, I didn’t see any noticeable different, but after getting the hang of it I made it work better. Still I expected something better from a product with such statements. I find that it gives you a quite natural look, and you definitely need 2 (or even more) coats to get a good and noticeable result. I’m not a huge fan of “layering” when it comes to mascara, but if it’s something you like, don’t hesitate to try it out.

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Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real mascara

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real mascara

I’ve been trying the Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real mascara, for quite a while now, and I can certainly say that I like it, but not exactly love it. It does give my lashes some necessary length, but not so much of a volume. The one I have is a limit edition, that’s why it has a different cup, but it’s the same product, as they one you know. It’s definitely buildable, and it looks much better after two coats on, but I don’t really like layering my mascara, and I find this one extremely difficult to remove, even with micellare water that removes even waterproof makeup. It’s definitely not bad, but I think I’ve tried better, and I won’t be re-purchasing it in the future. Have you tried it yourself? What’s your opinion about it?

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L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll mascara review

L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll mascara review

This baby came in the mail about 2 months ago, and from the moment I laid my hands on it I was in love. Honestly, it’s one of the best mascaras I’ve ever tried. It does wonders for my lashes which are not too short, but are quite flat. It has a really nice wand (which you can see in the photo below), which does an amazing job of separating my lashes while giving them lots of length and a bit of a volume. I’m not too picky when it comes to mascaras, but I rarely use one I really like, and this is one I love and highly recommend. Being a L’oreal mascara means that it’s quite affordable too. You can find it in other colors as well, but black is all I need.

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