Pastels in winter | Outfits

Pastel in winter 6- outfit -

You know how much I love my pastels; So much that I can’t really stay away from them, even in winter. That’s why I was so happy when I found this mint coat on sale last winter, and since then, it’s my favorite one in my closet. It can really bring the whole outfit together, and make it more interesting. It’s super warm too and looks very stylish on. Take for example the outfit I’m wearing today… without this coat, it would have been another pretty boring casual winter look, but with the mint coat, it becomes something different; it really makes a statement. Don’t you think? I wholeheartedly believe it and I love it. It was a bargain too! Now I need a powder pink one for this season. Wish me luck so I find a good one on sale! 馃檪

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Black & mint in Volos | Outfits

Black & mint in Volos 5- outfit -

Last week, T. and I decided to go to Volos for the day. It was a 3-day weekend, and we wanted to go somewhere because we hadn鈥檛 gone anywhere for a long while. We asked Kleoniki if she wanted to come with us, because we knew how much she loves this city, so we drove there and spent some hours walking through the city, taking photos and meeting fellow blogger friends for coffee. It was really nice, but really short, so we hope to be back again soon, for more. I鈥檒l dedicate a whole post to our trip there, but till then, take a look at the outfit of the day鈥 Super simple and comfortable for the trip鈥 Hopefully it鈥檚 the last one with a coat on!

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Sporty in gray & mint | Outfits

sporty in gray & mint 2- outfit -

These photos were taken late last month on a really cold and windy day. Thankfully the weather has changed since then, and I鈥檓 hoping that the cold won鈥檛 come back. For a second time so soon, I went 鈥渟porty鈥 again, with just a pair of jeans, a sweater, my all stars and my mint coat. Go-to uniform for all those days I鈥檓 too bored to dress up. I told you that the mint coat will be in almost every outfit from now on. Don鈥檛 tell me I didn鈥檛 warn you! 馃槈 Hope you like my look!

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Mint & teal | Outfits

Greek fashion bloggerAgain with the mint coat… I hear you say! Yes! Again, and again, and again! It鈥檚 so beautiful (and warm!), and it鈥檚 not only a statement piece, but also a transition piece between winter and spring, and I like wearing it every chance I get. I wore this particular outfit on Saturday, to meet with Kleoniki for photos and coffee, and also go to an event regarding Nutrilite鈥檚 new vitamins and food supplements (by Amway) which are finally coming to Greece too. So I wanted to be comfortable and warm, but also stylish. Now, I know you already know that, but I鈥檓 so sick of winter. Can it be over already? I want I need spring to finally come. I want to wear more pastels, and bold colors, and less dark ones. Are you also sick of winter?

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Is it spring yet? | Outfits

Greek fashion blogger I already know the answer to that question, and it鈥檚 a no. As much as I鈥檓 longing for spring, it鈥檚 still early for it to come. But we get some sunny and not so cold days already from time to time, so I jumped at the chance to dress in pastels the other day and go out to enjoy the sun. It was a bit windy, and kind of cold without my coat on, but with it I felt amazing, and as you know how much I love mint, you can imagine how happy wearing that outfit made me. I can鈥檛 wait for spring to come, and for the spring clothes and bold & pastel colors to be here for good. I had this outfit in my mind for a few weeks now, so I was so excited that I got the chance to finally wear it. What do you think?

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