Mint & neon yellow | Outfits

Mint & neon yellow 5- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comI’ve been waiting for months for the right occasion to appear so I could wear this dress I bought last year. When the right occasion didn’t present itself, and summer weather was almost gone, I took things into my own hands and wore it anyway. It doesn’t matter when you’re going to wear it to, as long as you do. And dresses like this, shouldn’t be kept in the closet waiting for their turn. From the moment I got it, I knew I wanted to pair it with my neon yellow bag (I know it’s such a statement piece, but I wanted to wear them together), but when these pumps got into the picture, I knew they were the right shoes to complete the outfit. So I wore my definitely-noticeable outfit to go out, and stopped for some photos before that. As much as I wanted to photograph this look, I came close to not-posting it, because I didn’t like the lighting in the pics, and I couldn’t stay there longer to take more because I was being eaten alive by mosquitos. So after what-felt-like 1 million photos, here are the only ones I actually kinda liked. I hope you enjoy them!

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